Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Any Business?

by Jason Hale
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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Any Business?

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming popular as days pass. Both the elderly and the youths in the contemporary societies are becoming active users of social media. Social media has therefore become part and parcel of people’s lives today to an extent that nine out of ten people have social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. This is an implication that social media platforms have a significant volume of traffic that internet marketers can take advantage of in order to promote their products and services.

In order to achieve massive traffic on a web page through the use of social media, one should first of all make sure that he or she has a presence in most if not all the social media platforms mentioned above. This will be coupled with enough time to figure out how each social media platform operates and how it can be helpful in drawing traffic to a desired webpage. One ought to note that all the available social media platforms operate differently and will thus be applied differently with the sole goal of achieving massive traffic to a provided webpage or blog.

Having a presence on social media simply means always being available to comment on, like and share contents posted by other social media users. By doing this, one becomes a famous figure in social media to an extent that other users will notice a gap when they fail to make regular updates on their social media accounts. It is during this juncture that an internet marketer may take advantage of his or her presence on social media platforms to promote goods and services to his or her audience.

Internet marketers have devised mechanisms of sharing their webpage URLs on their social media platforms. For example, most have opted to share these URLs on their timelines directly. However, it is worth noting that this mechanism only reaches the desired audience if the user has a considerable number of followers on that social media platform. Aside from directly posting the links to their websites on their social media timelines, some internet markets also comment on other users’ posts and paste their links at the end of the comments. The presence on social media platforms is a two-way traffic. When you share and comment on other people’s posts the more these users will be willing to share and comment on your own posts. This mechanism has since been referred to as guest posting. It should be noted that this mechanism of drawing massive traffic to a website will be discussed further as a strategy on its own.

Apart from direct shares and comments of social media as a way of achieving following for a given website, one should be cognizant of the fact that social media platforms also have free provisions of promoting websites. For example, social media allows its users to freely promote their websites to friends and friends of their friends. Similarly, Twitter also gives room for its users to Tweet and re-tweet about their webpage thereby allowing the pages to reach a wide audience.

Facebook is famous for its provision that allows its users to create other pages under the burner of Facebook. As a result of this provision, Facebook users can now create business pages through their Facebook accounts and share the pages to friends. Once the links to the pages are shared on a timeline, friends are able to view and like the pages. On most occasions, merely liking such a pages makes one a subscriber to the page and hence he or she is able to view every update made by the page. This is an ingenious way of drawing massive traffic to a specific webpage and it has worked out for many internet marketers. This provision has therefore made it possible for Facebook users to attract the much desired traffic to not only their official websites but also the Facebook pages they have created.

As already noted therefore, social media platforms are important avenues for drawing traffic to a specific website with the intention of promoting goods and services to a wider audience. Quite a number of internet marketers have benefitted from such initiatives like frequently updating their statuses and sharing and commenting on posts made by other users. Ideally this is what has been presently referred to as social media presence in which a user becomes a common figure on these platforms as a result of his or her regular activities on the sites.

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